Career Development Association of New Zealand


National Forum for Lifelong Career Development

 The National Forum for Lifelong Career Development (NFLCD) was a cross-sector initiative highlighting the importance of quality support for well considered career decisions at transition points throughout an individual's lifetime. 

The Forum was operational in 2016 & 2017 but ceased following the announcement that TEC would be developing a national Careers System Strategy.

The Forum's objectives were to:

  • Bring together cross-sector stakeholders
  • Exchange information / experience at national / regional / local levels
  • Explore possibilities for co-operation and co-ordination
  • Explore potential collaborations and research
  • Develop a framework for greater advocacy through partnerships
  • Influence the development of a systemic approach to career development including government policy

NFLCD recognises that appropriate career development is relevant to three main policy areas (Hooley and Dodd (2015) – Careers England):

  • The effective functioning of the labour market and, through this, the economy
  • The effective functioning of the education system
  • Social equity

Below you can access resources from NFLCD events to date. For more information or to join the NFLCD contact list contact

Nov 28, 2017 NFLCD Steering Group Meeting with guests from TEC

See Agenda

CDANZ / NFLCD Summary Information

TEC's Career System Strategy Development Approach - Information Pack for Stakeholders

May 9, 2017 NFLCD Stakeholder Meeting, Wellington: Towards a National Strategy for Career Development in New Zealand

See Agenda

Presenter slides and referenced documents:

November, 2016 NFLCD Stakeholder Update 

Read here

July 15, 2016 NFLCD Stakeholder Meeting, Auckland: Conversations on Workforce Development and the state of Career Development in New Zealand

See Agenda

Scoping Paper on Career Development in New Zealand, prepared by Dr Dale Furbish. See slides summarising the Scoping Paper prepared by Robyn Bailey and presented by Robyn Bailey and Dale Furbish.