Career Development Association of New Zealand



Promoting professional standards and best practice in career development.

The Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) was formed at the beginning of 1997 with the aim of drawing together the diverse range of people working in the careers and related fields under a unified professional vision.

CDANZ recognises that the process of career development occurs in many settings, including education, industry, commerce, government and the professions.

One of the principle aims of CDANZ is to promote professional standards and best practice in career development in New Zealand. To achieve this, CDANZ assists the development of its members as professionals and supports research activities. CDANZ also functions as a national voice for members, providing comment where policy and practice impact on issues of concern to the profession.

CDANZ maintains active links with its international counterparts and supports professional collegiality at all levels.

The Career Development Association of New Zealand has a Complaints Procedure which can be put into effect if it is believed that the CDANZ Code of Ethics has been breached.

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